Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Perfect Home?

Tonight we looked at what we all agreed was the nicest home we have seen so far, one that we all really liked. Of course it was also the most expensive at nearly $300,000. It is a 4 bedroom ranch with a ton of small things that really makes it a great house. The basement is newly finished and was one the standout features. They built the 4th bedroom down there, a small office that would be perfect for me, a large family room, and a bar. A real nice bar. There is a storage/workshop area as well, all nicely done.

The only problem is the paint. I have never seen such a bad paint job in my life. The homeowners did it themselves, and I really have no idea why they were in such a hurry. We would have to repaint everything upstairs, but the downstairs looked a bit nicer. They also have the same POS Frigidaire dishwasher that we have now, which is so loud we only run it when we are not in the room, or even in the house.

The backyard is fairly large and backs up to another of Cross Plains' ridges, this time with huge rocks placed there by glaciers thousands of years ago. We could easily live in this house, it was great, after several weekends spent repainting. Their dog had torn some holes in the carpet upstairs, this would have to be replaced.

The biggest problem right now is getting financed. I got a nice 57 point boost in my credit score today, but apparently only with Experian. I talked to one of Century 21's mortgage guys and he pulled the credit himself. The score he got was lower than any of the scores we get through, much lower. Makes me wonder what I am paying for if the scores other people get are so much lower than what I get. I have a meeting with him tomorrow to discuss this, and am going armed with tons of documentation to prove that there is still a lot of incorrect information in our credit records. I am afraid I will have to get an attorney involved to clear some of this stuff up, I am at wits end.

The other problem is they are having an open house this weekend. As much as we loved this home, it is not likely to happen. Even our trip next week to visit family for Easter is in jeapordy, and probably will not happen (sorry dad). We are so focused on getting a home that we are just not allowing ourselves to spend the extra money. I am close to saying "Screw It" and just putting an end to the house hunt until next year. Between George Bush, the economy, credit crisis and God knows what else, the perfect time to buy a house may not be an option because the damn banks won't loan any money, unless you don't need it.

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